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Can a massage help chronic pain?

Chronic Pain Relief through MassageLet’s first look at the word chronic. It is an adjective that means, essentially, ‘happens a lot for a long time.’ Funny enough, you never hear of chronic wealth, chronic love or chronic luck. Nope. It’s chronic pain and chronic illness that pervade. And that little language idiosyncrasy is no accident. While few of us will ever experience long-lasting wealth, almost half of us will experience chronic pain at some point in our lives.

So what do we do about it?

Some people turn to pills. But using painkillers with frequency is a slippery slope. Not only are they habit forming, but overtime they lose their effectiveness and patients are driven to use more and more. Some people turn to surgery. Particularly with all-too-common back pain, surgery should be an absolute last resort. Surgery is costly, risky and the chances of success are far from perfect.

Instead, consider massage therapy. Here are three ways that massage can help chronic pain.

1. Massage reduces muscle tension.

What if you could never relax? Well, that’s what happens to your muscles when you’re in chronic pain; the muscles are in a constant state of tension. These muscles then press on nerves, which causes that pesky pain. Massage can help that. Through various techniques of needing and stretching, the muscles can finally relax.

2. Massage improves circulation.

Not only do tense muscles press on your nerves, the tension prevents blood from properly circulating throughout your body. This is another sources of chronic pain. Poor circulation means your body can’t expel all the toxic waste within, and that leaves you feeling tired and sore.

3. Massage improves movement.

Chronic pain is difficult to deal with in and of itself. But there are other ramifications. Often that pain makes it difficult to freely move, and even life’s simplest daily activities are a trial. And exercise, a hugely important part of a healthy lifestyle, is almost impossible with chronic pain. Again, massage therapy can help. Massage can pinpoint specific problem areas and soften and lengthen connective tissue, helping to improve range of motion and get you up and going again.

Unlike prescription painkillers and surgical procedures, massage therapy is affordable and enjoyable. And who knows? Regular massage may also launch a renewed vigor in life. You may be motivated to improve other health habits like diet and exercise. Massage may just be the stepping stone you need towards a life of wellness.

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