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Chicago Headaches

Any pain within the head or upper neck region is classified as a headache. Most people experience headaches occasionally, but for some people headaches are a chronic problem. Headaches are classified as either primary or secondary. Those that are caused by external factors such as sinuses and alcohol are referred to as primary. Secondary headaches occur as a result of an underlying disease or condition such as meningitis or a tumor.

There are many different reasons why people experience headaches. Here are the top five headache triggers.

1. Stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of headaches. Our bodies release excess tension when we are stressed which can lead to numerous physical side effects, namely headaches.

2. Environmental factors

There are many environmental or situational factors that can cause a headache. Some of these include warm weather, strong scents and hair accessories.

3. Sinus

Sinus headaches usually occur within the facial region. People who have a sinus headache experience throbbing or pressure in one area of their face.

4. Lifestyle

Lifestyle factors for headaches include exercise, alcohol and smoking. Skipping meals is another reason why people may experience headaches.

5. Food and caffeine

Specific foods may be responsible for bringing about a headache. The biggest culprits are foods that are salty, processed or have additives. Caffeine, whether from coffee or chocolate, is another reason for headaches.

At our Chicago pain management clinic we are dedicated to helping you find the cause of your headache. Because there are such a variety of causes, our physicians provide careful evaluation of your symptoms and medical history before starting your treatment plan. Although we can treat chronic headaches, we do not offer treatment for migraines. Our team specializes in treating headaches that occur as a result of spinal problems or pinched nerves. Once we diagnose your headache we can begin the appropriate headache treatment whether it is acupuncture, decompression therapy or massage.

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