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Knee Pain

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1. Meniscal Tears, ACL Tears, MCL and LCL Tears

Torn ligament can be painful.  When a ligament is torn in the knee, the results can lead to instability, pain and discomfort.  Usually, when walking, the knee will buckle and or lock and walking up or down stairs cannot be performed with supporting oneself.  It is important to diagnose which ligament or cartilage is torn immediately because treatment to the knee joint can vary.  Initial treatments at our Chicago pain management clinic may be a digital x-ray, MRI and anti-inflammatories.  In most cases, an MRI is the best test which would differentiate a tear from a sprain.  Treatments may include physical therapy, massage and acupuncture as well as cortisone shots under ultrasound guidance.  For the more severe injury, we consult with orthopedic specialists who specifically deal with the knee.

2. Osteoarthritis or DJD

As we age, there is breakdown of the cartilage which separates the upper leg from the lower leg.  Usually seen as ‘osteophytes’ on plain film, our Chicago pain management physicians may order digital x-ray or MRI for confirmation.  Treatment may include cortisone shots, physical therapy and acupuncture as well as massage.  Hyalgan injections, an all natural approach, where 5 sets of injections are inserted into the knee joint, allowing for more viscous and fluid activity.  Those who qualify for this natural injection (made primarily of ‘rooster’s comb) will have it done under ultrasound guidance, which provides for exact location of delivery.

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