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Neck Pain

Chicago neck Pain

Neck pain is another very common complaint among patients suffering from chronic pain. Just like back pain, there are very many causes of neck pain. Even the causes of neck pain are similar those associated with back pain. Neck pain typically occurs because of the following:

1. Mechanical or congenital

Neck pain can be a result of mechanical problems including vertebrae degeneration, pinched nerve and protruding or herniated discs. Sometimes people are born with abnormalities of the vertebrae and spine that cause chronic neck pain.

2. Injury

Injuries that cause neck pain include whiplash as a result of car accidents, sports and sprains or strains. Neck injuries must be addressed promptly in order to promote proper healing.

3. Conditions

Conditions such as arthritis and the flu are sources of neck pain. Many other conditions can give way to neck pain, but can be difficult to diagnose without a physician’s evaluation. Prompt medical care is essential for proper treatment.

4. Activities and lifestyle

Oftentimes neck pain can result from simple, daily activities such as sleeping on a pillow that is too high or flat, holding your neck in an unnatural position (i.e. while watching television) and engaging in exercises that involve upper body or arms. Stress, smoking and obesity are lifestyle factors that can cause neck pain.

5. Infection or tumor

Infections such as meningitis and abnormal growths or tumors create neck pain as well. These can become serious very quickly and can potentially be deadly if not diagnosed promptly.

Our Chicago pain management clinic specializes in treating chronic neck pain with a variety of services. Some of our widely used services for neck pain include trigger point therapy, acupuncture, decompression therapy and physical therapy.

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