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Sitting vs. Standing on the Job

The new trend that is slowing catching on throughout the offices of America is standing instead of sitting at your desk.  Many workers are starting to believe that standing helps production, focus, and health.  More and more people are buying into this trend and standing desks sales have increased drastically.  Some research has shown that sitting down all day can slow down your metabolism and increase your risk for heart disease.

Scientists at the University of Missouri have actually discovered that the act of sitting down seems to shut off the circulation of fat-absorbing enzymes called lipase.  And other researchers found that even if you exercise nearly every day, the benefits can be undone from spending the majority of your time sitting down.

Workers that have given the standing method a trial run have described benefits of a higher level of focus and production because you don’t have time to sit back and relax in a chair and lose your train of thought.  It also helps keep you perky throughout the day instead of dozing off once you hit that wall around 3 o’clock.

If you are considering trying standing at your desk all day there are a few important things to keep in mind.  The most important thing would be to make sure you wear comfortable, supportive shoes.  Another simple thing you can do while standing is not to stand still.  The more you shift around and adjust your weight, the better circulation you will get and also relieve built up tension.  It is also important to get exercise outside of work to help keep any damage caused at work at a minimum.

This argument comes down to a personal preference in the end.  But everyone should at least try to stand for a day, or part of the day.  The benefits that people have described may not apply to everyone that attempts standing, I challenge you to at least try it, you never know, it just might keep you on your toes!

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